PAN with a new Nucleus in the Algarve

There is a new official Faro Nucleus of the Party for the Animals and Nature (PAN), which includes members from various knowledge, training and professional areas, who have in common the championing of the human, animal and ecological causes.


Despite being very recent, the new Faro Nucleus will be represented in the party’s list for the European Elections by Elza Cunha, a doctor who is in the sixth place of a group lead by professor Orlando Figueiredo, who has been a member of the Directive Board of PAN since the party was formalised in 2011.

The Nucleus envisages, still during the month of April, the beginning of a round of PAN Debates, i.e., open conversations with the population, held in an informal environment, and with one or more guest speakers, always around the causes championed by PAN.

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